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AGASOIL is established in USA, a single ownership company regulated by the US Department of Commerce and approved by the Washington State Government.

AGASOIL is headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Clean International Energy Center. The subdivision is in Seattle, Washington, Qingdao, Hangzhou, China. xiusdOur aim is to provide the world with clean, safe and affordable energy. By 2025, AGASOIL is expected to accumulate more than 1.25 million tons of liquefied natural gas for the Chinese energy market, making a significant contribution to China's environmental protection policies and reduction of air pollution.

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Agasoil Performance and Experience
Agasoil has a demonstrated record of financing and marketing from 2,000,000 barrels per month of crude oil.

AGASOIL is established in USA and China, company regulated by the US Department of Commerce and approved by the United State Government, China Energy Administration and China Government. The offices are located in Houston, Texas, Seattle, WA Qingdao and Hangzhou China.

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AGASOIL provides a full range of thoughtful services for Oil, LNG and petroleum related services and has a professional quality management system. We ensure the purity and quality of liquefied natural gas purchased by our customers here. Liquefied natural gas sold through the company is subject to inspection and control by the Natural Gas Market Association and the Energy Bureau. From the source to the final product, there are strict quality standards to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and to use it with confidence.

Our rich global petrochemical quality resources enable customers to have more choices and provide customers with satisfactory product quality and service attitude. Our leadership team has successfully executed petroleum and alternative energy contracts since 1978. Not only do we strive for mutually beneficial outcomes and transparency, we also take every opportunity to conduct business with those companies that consider and value issues in social responsibility and human rights.

AGASOIL has been a trusted trade member of the World Trade Centers Association, we are a reliable player in the Oil business with a growing list of offices and duly registered in USA and China, including those in Europe and Africa. Our resources and strengths have established us as a major provider in the global energy market while enhancing our status as a global player in oil and LNG trading. AGASOIL team borne from the experience gained over the years in the sector of petroleum products trade. The contacts cultivated worldwide and the deep knowledge of the international market allow us to offer, not only a brokerage service, but a real full deep degree consulting on the petroleum supply products in foreign market.

We not only favor the meeting between supply and demand, but we assist buyers and sellers in all contractual aspects, with particular attention to international legal aspects, in order to structure contracts and procedures that protect the parties and can allow the international trade most nimble and secure possible..